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I want to rant. I need to rant. I don't know if our opinions are the same (I did pretty much agree with you about feelings re: the fight they had) but this show is going to be the literal death of me. It seems as if they're heading toward another Klaine breakup, which to me is something they can't come back from. I know being super happy doesn't make for a great story, but I swear if there's another breakup or more cheating I'll set the building on fire. I am just not here for that.


This is the place, Anon. Obviously, everything we’re saying is total spec. Also obviously, I’ve been seeing and talking about Klaine red flags since New New York. Glee has always treated Klaine a certain way and written for them a certain way. The way they spoke to each other in that episode was a completely different way, antithetical to what I’ve seen from Klaine in the past, and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be any more of a downer than I was already, but I started to suspect we were headed for a breakup. Glee still hasn’t figured out that you can create drama in any other way.

My advice would be to expect a break up. I think odds are good that it’s happening. I’ve been saying to various people that “Brad’s going to talk about it in June” is TV speak for “This is going to piss everyone off and we don’t want to piss everyone off until after we get the numbers from May sweeps and set the ad prices for the fall.” In fact, what Ryan said was just enough to make really, really sure everyone will be watching those last few episodes. 

If you expect a break up you will either be prepared if it happens or pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t. Much better than the other way around. 

Then it becomes a matter of whether you want to see a story of them being apart, or maybe working their way back to each other. I don’t. If they break up again, I’m out. That’s not the love story for the ages that I signed up for and watching it again would frankly destroy my ability to dissociate canon Klaine from the Klaine in my head. A couple that breaks up twice in two years is a couple that doesn’t have much of a chance of making the long haul. I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see any more crying and misery. I sure as hell don’t want to see an “amicable” break up. 

But for now, all we can do is wait. Just a few more weeks and we’ll at least have more facts.


If Kurt and Blaine break up again I am actually, officially, 100% done with Glee. I don’t care if they’re still “endgame”. If they’re incapable of being a couple when they’re together, and when they’re apart, then you will have irrevocably destroyed one of the best TV couples in history, and sorely misused two actors who have amazing chemistry.

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"Will you…"
(Last in the series. Drawing 6 of 6. Finally.)


My feelings on Joaquin right now:


Only change “districts” to “Klainers”.